Kambal Karibal March 15 2018


Kambal Karibal March 15 2018

Kambal Karibal March 15 2018

Kambal, Karibal is a Philippine television drama series broadcast by GMA Network. Starring Bianca Umali and Kyline Alcantara in the title role, it premiered on November 27, 2017 replacing Alyas Robin Hood on the network’s GMA Telebabad line up.

Kambal Karibal March 15 2018

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Cast and characters

Lead cast
Bianca Umali as Crisanta “Cris” Bautista
A prudent and intelligent maid who dreams of becoming an engineer in the near future. She loves her twin sister Criselda so much but would make sacrifices as they both love Diego.
Kyline Alcantara as Cheska De Villa
The precious and adoptive adhere of Raymond and Geraldine. She is Diego’s former girlfriend. To her will Criselda’s spirit be shaken. She is the main antagonist of the series.
Pauline Mendoza as Criselda Bautista
Crisanta’s twin sister with SCID. She would eventually die for her illness but will return as a ghost who only shows up in front of Crisanta. She will badly evolve into an evil spirit. Out of her jealousy for Diego’s love to her own twin sister, she will curse her badly with the help of Cristina. She will possess Cheska and will control her. She is the main antagonist of the series.
Miguel Tanfelix as Diego Claveria
Emmanuel’s son in an unknown GRO that he did not recognize and eventually abandoned. He will meet Crisanta, a girl who’ll make him feel what really love is all about.

Supporting cast
Carmina Villarroel as Señorita Geraldine Enriquez-De Villa
A loving mother. Living a happy life, she would suffer from the schemes of Raymond which falls into her annulment with her husband, Allan. She is the mother of the twins Crisanta and Criselda who will be deprived of her. She will long for her twins so much that will indulge her into dark and insane tendencies until Cheska arrived.
Christopher de Leon as Don Emmanuel Claveria
A scheming doctor who owns a famous hospital. He will use Criselda’s condition to beautify the image of his hospital. He is an antagonist.
Marvin Agustin as Dr. Raymond De Villa
A wealthy doctor who became Geraldine’s first love. He will break the relationship of Geraldine and her husband, Allan. He will also make Geraldine believe that her twins didn’t die in the accident. He is an antagonist.
Alfred Vargas as Allan Gardamonte
The loving father of the twins, a simple marine engineer who married Geraldine. He was annulled with Geraldine due to Raymond’s evil schemes as all the blames for the alleged death of their children went to him.
Gloria Romero as Señora Anicia Enriquez
The haciendera of Enriquez Fruit Farms. She is the aunt of Geraldine which serves as her stepmother. She is the first one who will notice the changes to Cheska.
Jean Garcia as Teresa Abaya-Almario
Raymond will give her the Geraldine’s twins as part of his scheme. She was the gold-digger classmate of Geraldine in the high school and the two became a rival out of their love for Allan. She will try to sell the twin babies but her husband Noli will stop her. She would treat the twins like animals. She is an antagonist.
Jeric Gonzales as Marcus “Makoy” Claveria
Crisanta’s childhood friend. Ever since, he likes her but is shy enough that’s why he kept his feelings for years. He is Diego’s half-brother and rival. He will evolve into a scheming and desperate man out of Criselda’s third curse she bestowed to him.

Recurring cast
Gardo Versoza as Noli Almario
The husband of Teresa who will treat the twins as if like his own.
Katrina Halili as Nida Generoso
The alleged mistress of Allan who will seduce him in a one-night stand that will lead to Geraldine’s angst. It is revealed that she was just hired by Raymond. She is a cunning gold-digger and will do all to win Allan and have the fortune of Geraldine. It will be revealed that she is the biological mother of Cheska to Allan and will use it for her evil schemes. She is an antagonist.
Ana Capri as Cristina “Tinang” Gerona
A psychic, fortune-teller, and an obscure sorceress who can see Criselda as her long-lost daughter. She is the one who proved to Noli the existence of the ghost twin of Crisanta. Through her, Criselda will be able to formulate a curse and bestow it to her own twin sister. She was a neighbor of Teresa and the latter’s gossiper. She is an antagonist.
Rafa Siguion-Reyna as Vincent
The personal assistant of Geraldine who was then manipulated by Raymond.
Sheree Bautista as Lilian Ocampo
She was the GRO who Emmanuel went with that resulted to Diego. She is striving to change herself for his son but Emmanuel will hinder her until they became business rivals after many years.
Raquel Monteza as Mildred Abaya
The mother of Teresa who also treat the twins like animals. She is an antagonist.
Elle Ramirez as Jane
The best friend of Cheska who will agree to Anicia’s assumptions regarding the changes of the latter.
Lou Sison as Luisa
The sidekick friend of Nida.
Angie Ferro as Amang
A psychic and fortune-teller who predicted Criselda’s demise.
Diva Montelaba as Margarita
A loyal worker in Hacienda Enriquez and granddaughter of Amang.

Guest cast
Zackie Rivera as young Crisanta
Caprice Mendez as young Criselda
Ashley Cabrera as young Cheska
Will Ashley as young Diego

Kambal Karibal March 15 2018